How to Celebrate Your Adult Child’s Birthday

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  1. Shelbi says:

    This is such a great post! Us adult kids still like a little attention from parents on our birthdays.. we are still their child!

  2. Kate says:

    These are such great ideas! I absolutely love #6 too! I like to gift my nieces and nephews with “experiences” but never thought about using a groupon for this. Genius!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi Kate!
      Thank You so much! I love using Groupon and Living Social. It is a great way to save money and have a great time! Have fun!

  3. These ideas are so simple yet so heartwarming. The grown babies need love, too!

  4. Joy says:

    So much good ideas! I have a 13 year old and she will turn a year older next month, this is something I can use. Thanks for the ideas. 🙂

  5. Cathy Metzger says:

    Great ideas Sheila! My baby girl will be 30 on October 14 and my baby boy will be 32 on the same day.💖💙

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Cathy! How does this happen that our children grow up so fast? Wow! Two birthdays on the same day! I bet that was fun growing up! You always make everyone’s birthday special even mine! I could take some tips from you 🙂 Love you!

  6. Sheila,
    These are great suggestions. In recent years when my children have become adults, I’ve struggled with this. I usually go the gift card route, but these suggestions are personal. I know my kids would love some of the things on this list. Thanks.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Sheila!
      Gift cards are great too! Sometimes, we just need a spark to get our creative juices flowing to give us some new ideas. You are very creative and I’m sure whatever you do for your children they are truly blessed in so many ways. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Love this! My Mom likes to get me little luxuries I don’t spring for myself anymore – like a pedicure 🙂

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Christine!
      As women, we tend to pamper everyone, but ourselves. This is why moms like to give their daughters luxuries because we remember what it was like being young and watching our pennies. Pedicures are the best!

  8. Addy says:

    Omg I love these ideas! I need to pass these on to my mama haha!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Addy!
      Please do pass these tips on to your mom! You can even throw some of your own ideas in too! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. What great ideas, Sheila. I have always tried to make birthdays special for my kids. I used to decorate their bedroom doors after they would go to sleep at night with balloons and streamers. That is a little harder to do now that they don’t live at home any more, but I still try to take my girls shopping and out for lunch for their birthdays or get them something that is meaningful to them. I appreciate the tips. Have a great weekend. – Amy

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Amy! What a fun idea! I’m sure that started their day out right! Shopping and lunch are always fun! I am enjoying all of your fashion tips as well! I pray you are doing well!

  10. Sue A. Marsh says:

    Great ideas Sheila. For Leah Anne’s birthday this year we drove out to NM to spend her “Augus elegen” birthday. Cara made her a special strawberry birthday cake that was literally the best thing I have eaten. We made her favorite meal and loaded her up on gifts. Adult kids need to know they are special and loved always. I think as they age, marry and become mom’s the focus is too far removed. “forever my baby you’ll be…”

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Sue! I bet Leah loved it! I love how you have always made the girl’s birthdays special. No matter where you were there was always a homemade cake and presents. Our children are a gift from the Lord and how precious the day the Lord gave them to us. I love our ‘Augus elegen” birthday girl. I agree just because our children get older doesn’t mean we quit celebrating their lives. Besides, any excuse for a party is fine by me 🙂

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