About Sheila

sheilaHi! My name is Sheila Rhodes.

I am an ordinary woman who loves Jesus, has a passion to encourage others to look for the Jesus Glitter in everyday life and encourage others to “Be the Sparkle.”  I love bling and I know God does too! How do I know this? God’s word shares Jesus Glitter from the beginning to the end and invites us to “Be the Sparkle.”

What is Jesus Glitter? Jesus Glitter is God taking our everyday lives which include good, bad, ugly, beautiful, funny and sad times into powerful life giving moments. The cool thing about glitter is, it shows up in the weirdest places, oddest times and you never know how it gets there. Sometimes we are the ones who need to see the Jesus Glitter or the one to share Jesus Glitter.  We all have the ability to “Be the Sparkle!”

My heart is to share the love, hope and encouragement of Christ to women. Life can be difficult and this world can make us lose our sparkle.  Jesus Glitter is a reminder that despite our circumstances, Jesus is with us ALL THE TIME!

Oh, and I call those who follow my blog a “Glitter Gal”……because everybody loves to sparkle.

C’mon In!

No need to knock….You always have a front row seat