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4 Easy and Practical Ways to Achieve Your Goals

The New Year has begun, and I’m in the midst of organization and decluttering! Every year after the holidays as I assess my mess, I go through my closets, drawers and bins to purge the old and find new space for the beautiful gifts I have received this year. Many...


5 Ways to Place Joy Under the Christmas Tree

As Christmas approaches and you are searching for the perfect present for a friend or loved one, here are some creative ways to help you spread your good cheer without going broke. The biggest cost will be your time, but the reward is much greater than purchasing a gift just...


The Power of Sleep on the Heart, Mind and Soul

There are times in life where you just have to say, “I’m done.” I’m sure we have all faced hitting a brick wall a time or two. I have hit the brick wall. This isn’t about Christmas or the busyness of the season this is about life in general. It...


What are You Serving God? Your Leftovers or Your Best?

Thanksgiving is over, and many of us have been eating the leftovers all week. At first, you don’t mind eating the leftovers. One of my favorite things to do is combine the potatoes, stuffing, turkey, gravy and a little cranberry on the top. I know it probably sounds horrible, but...


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I am thankful for each of you who encourage, inspire and share the message of Jesus Glitter. Thank You for believing in this ministry and for allowing the sparkle to shine through your lives! May Your Hearts Be Filled With Love and Your Homes Full of His Peace.