A True Confession About My Fitness Journey

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  1. Cathy says:

    Sheila these true confessions really set off conversations. I love reading the comments.

    I love you…beautiful you!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Cathy!
      Confession is freeing! It breaks the chains and the power the enemy has over us by admitting our weaknesses. God hates pride and doesn’t want us to carry guilt and shame. Many times I think we look at confession as being weak, but actually, it is just the opposite. It shows we have the strength and power of the Holy Spirit within us who wants to fight for us in every battle if we are willing to admit we need help. When I can move from my past and look towards my future, I know the plans God has for me….I appreciate and love how you love your family and others! Thank You for loving authentic me…..I love beautiful you even more!

  2. Toni Ryan says:


    Your honesty is inspiring. Your story helps us to see ourselves more fully through the eyes of God.

    God bless you my friend!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Toni!
      I’m so thankful for the amazing people God has placed in my life. You are “JesusGlitter” to many! Your words of hope and encouragement fill my heart and others with the love of Jesus. Together, we keep moving forward and not looking back because we know what happened to Lot’s wife and I don’t need all that salt. 🙂 I love you, dear friend!

  3. Olubukonla says:

    I am struggling with making a career decision. I know this is totally unrelated but I could relate with you struggles. After applying for jobs in the hope of switching from Law to Business, I find my self slipping back to law due to setbacks from job interviews. But, with perseverance, I hope to fully embrace change and move forward.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Olubukonla!
      It may be a different struggle, but it is a struggle. The frustration is the same and whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual we all battle. I was a paralegal at one time, and I have to say I don’t miss that job at all! I believe in you, and I’m here to say, “You Got This!”. Setbacks are temporary blips on the screen. Perseverance is the key to keep us motivated and on track! Keep me posted about that good news that the switch has been made 🙂

  4. I, too have been struggling with an ongoing battle of the weight loss. I think I may install the app as well so I can keep better track of what I am putting in my mouth.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Nicole!
      It is a great app to use! It is very helpful when you go out to eat as well. I love being able to look at my options and know what I am choosing doesn’t mess up my goal. They have a free option and a paid option. I did upgrade to the paid option so I didn’t have to be bothered by the ads. Plus, I figure it was worth the investment to better health. Much success to you! We are in it to win it!

  5. Maria says:

    Could you share the recipe to the Water, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Organic Honey drink? It sounds like something I would like to try. I suffer so much from joint pain. Thanks.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Maria!
      Thank You for asking! I should have included it in my post. I have seen tremendous results since I have started drinking ACV with honey. I take a 16oz. water bottle and add 1 tablespoon of raw honey and 1 tablespoon of Bragg’s organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother. I do this twice a day in the morning and after dinner. If you need to start out slow try a teaspoon of each and work up to a tablespoon. I have heard they now have apple cinnamon flavored Bragg’s vinegar with the mother. It is on my shopping list. Let me know if you try it and your results. There are plenty of articles on the web about the benefits of this natural drink! I’m sorry about your joint pain. It is hard to be motivated when you are hurting! I’ve added you to my prayer list for comfort and healing!

  6. Sheri says:

    Gosh what a great time for this post to come in! I have been so down on myself all of this week because I feel like my weight is going back up. Since my son was born my weight has been up and down and while I never get on the scale, I can always tell my how my clothes fit and how I feel about myself. I wish you all the bes tin your recovery and for you to love yourself more and be strong. I love that you were so brave to share this and it encourages me as I am sure it will encourage others. Love that quote and will be sharing this post!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Sheri!
      I have to tell you when I read your post yesterday it was so empowering! I soaked in every word and saved it. I tweeted your quote too! For me, it was about having a point to move forward from and embrace a new day without baggage! I am cheering you on too! We got this because we ARE beautiful people! The enemy loves it when we get down on ourselves, but I’m not having anymore of it! Thank you for your encouragement and your blog. I am a fan!!!

  7. Dorothy Schopf says:

    So hard to admit to the world that we slip but most if us do sometimes. The way you put it gives me the courage to keep trying no matter what. Thanks Sheila.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Dorothy!
      You know my struggle because you have known me since I was a kid! You have had tremendous success, and I am so proud of you! I know all the hard work you have put in to achieve your goals. You are very inspirational! I appreciate your encouragement! I love you, friend!

  8. My goal for the spring is to lose weight. I have a deadline and I’m already making progress.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Katie!
      Congratulations on making progress! Moving forward is a wonderful thing and it feels good to hit those goals! I’m cheering you on!! Are you following a specific plan?

  9. Sher says:

    Thank you for being Real! Your heart is incredibly loving and so wise. I am encouraged by what you shared. The part on organic Apple cider vinegar and honey is also what I have been doing for several months. I have started getting arthritis (praying Jesus will heal it but til then I do this) & my natural path doctor told Keith and I about organic Apple cider vinegar. It has helped us both with our joints & high trigliserides it’s pretty amazing. Sheila, God has blessed you with a fabulous gift of expressing your love, faith and struggles through writing. I love you my Friend.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Sher!
      Thank You for your sweet words! You are a blessing to my soul! I’m glad you know the benefits of ACV too! I love how it makes my joints feel stronger and not ache at all. I will be praying for God to heal your arthritis. Our God is a BIG God and we have seen Him do amazing things! The older I get the more I wish had known more about homeopathic options to wellness. Love you!

  10. Anna says:

    Your story is very inspiring thank you for sharing.

  11. Sue A. Marsh says:

    A healthy weight at my age(52) seems to be a constant battle. Thank you for your honesty. Weight health and regular exercise are becoming more and more a chore. I have to pray for a change of heart. How do you stay focused? How do you stay up? I get frustrated and kind of down at times. Love your blog my sister. Love you more.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Sue! You are inspirational! I see the amazing work God is and has done in your life and I smile! You may not know it, but you always push me to be the best version of myself. Somehow, I lost my focus that was the problem, but I’m back! I have been writing out God’s promises in my journal, praying and being diligent about exercising again. I believe prayer is key because that is where the Holy Spirit speaks to me and discerns the lies of the enemy from the truth of God’s word. Trust me I do get down, frustrated and angry! I have to remember 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and confess when I allow my body to own me. I have to view exercise as medicine. I don’t always want to take it, but it always makes me feel better. My goal is to shoot for thirty minutes or more a day to be active doing something whether that is walking, swimming, tennis, yoga….or something new 🙂 I love you mostest! The battle is real, but God won I just need to keep taking my victory!

  12. Marisa says:

    We all fall off, whats great is your get back on! Thanks for these tips .. I’m going to have to try the drink combo!

  13. Thanks for this, I have been trying to loose about 20 lbs before the wedding but so far I am not doing so well

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Terri Lynn!
      You are so welcome! Congrats on the wedding! I am cheering you on my friend! Just know each day is new and the best thing to do is make a plan. Logging what I eat and counting those pesky carbs has been a win for me 🙂 You are my thoughts and prayers! You’ve got this!

  14. Andrea says:

    I’m definitely doing the whole apple cider and water thing (using stevia in my case)

  15. Ana Ojha says:

    What an inspirational story! I eat everything but always ensure to go for running at least 5 days a week!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Ana! I always say I am not a runner, but I am a fast walker. Now that the weather is getting better I will be outside doing more walking. Thank You for your encouragement and congrats on running five days a week!

  16. Natasha says:

    Great things that you’ve implemented..it amazes me that sleep is a huge culprit of weight loss/gain. Just keep at it I know that you will meet your goals. You have the best coach on your side, Coach Jesus! You can do all things through him, because he will give you the strength to do so!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Natasha! You are right I do have the best coach ever! He is my strength and my shield. I have to say we got a new bed and I have been sleeping like a champ! It is one of those adjustable beds and it has been a blessing to my husband and I. Better Sleep equals better attitude 🙂 Blessings to you!

  17. Great tips, thanks for sharing! I’ve also been working hard to lose some weight — I was 4 pounds down, and now I’m up 2. Bummer, but I know I need to keep trying! Thanks and good luck to you!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Patricia! It is not easy being a woman that is for sure! I’m rooting for you! I know you can meet your goals too! We are in it to win it!

  18. Ugh!! Always such a problem. Certain times of the year are so hard. But, I can always find a reason to eat. Thanks for your honesty. And, the great tips. I love “The enemy can mess with me but he doesn’t own me.” Tweeted it!!

  19. nisha says:

    Thanks for sharing these great tips. inspiring me to reduce weight.


  20. G&D Blog says:

    My hubby is starting to lose weight, just recently joined a transformation program and this confession that you shared will make him realize that he needs to be fully determined. Thanks for being honest here. You may not be there yet, but at least, you’re closer than you were yesterday or the past few days. 🙂

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Wow! How cool that he is joining a transformation group! Focus is key and it doesn’t take long to get sidetracked that is for sure! Thank You for your encouragement and I will be keeping your husband in my thoughts. It is a tough battle, but it can be done!

  21. Char says:

    I love you precious Lady. I have added you to my Prayer list.
    Specifically for what you are doing for you! You are very special
    And I admire you for all you do for others. You are a God sent.
    Love you.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Aunt Charlene! I love you too! I appreciate those prayers! I can say I love and admire you too! Thank You for always encouraging me throughout the years!

  22. Kristi says:

    I recently started using Apple Cider vinegar and found it extremely helpful!

    Blessings to you. Remember this is a journey not a minute sprint. Don’t let the devil overtake you when you slip up. We all do. If it helps, schedule times where you can eat something you used to enjoy…after a while you may find, it’s not a craving anymore.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Kristi!
      Isn’t the ACV drink great? I can’t believe how much better my joints feel. Thank you for the reminder about this being a journey and not a sprint. The enemy only knows my past, but he sure doesn’t know my present or my future! Thanks for your encouragement!

  23. Love this post…first, LOVED the cupcake! Lol but yes loved ir transperency with us! And reminding us to not give up even if we had taken a “break” (ahem, speaking of myself!) from one carb lover to another, you can totally do this! Altho it looks like u already know this! 😉

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Jennifer!
      Thanks for the encouragement and I hope you are doing well too! We carb lovers must stick together 🙂

  24. Wendy says:

    You are inspirational. Many of us have a battle with weight loss. I recently discovered the apple cider vinegar but today I will try the combination that you mentioned. Thank you.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Wendy!
      Thank You for the compliment! I don’t feel inspirational, but I appreciate all the encouragement. Yes, there are many of us who do battle our weight and the important thing for me to remember is it doesn’t define who I am. I’m going to try the drink with stevia too! A friend gave me that tip!

  25. Sheila, I love this. I am so far behind in reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, but I am so glad I took the time to read this, this morning. I struggle with this too. I do well for a while and then I fail. Lately, I haven’t even been caring, and that becomes a dangerous place to be! Your words made me feel better and maybe will even motivate me to try again. His mercies are new every morning, so each day is a chance to start over. Thanks so much for being real! – Amy

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Amy! Oh, my sweet friend, I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been to the not caring part a few too many times. I needed to get a grip before I became a medical hazard to myself! I am thankful his mercies are new every day, and our slate is clean. I’m praying for both of us and thank you for being real too! I hope you are doing well!

  26. maria says:

    I haven’t been able to work out as much as I like as I am nursing an ankle injury. This has made me really take notice of what I am eating. I like to use the myfitnesspal app. Thanks for being so open and candid with us regarding your struggles. Happy to know we are not alone!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Maria!
      I am so sorry about your ankle injury that is no fun! I used that app too, but I like this one because it had more items in the search part. Trust me, you are not alone in the struggle! Prayer od healings and blessings to you!

  27. Peggy Underwood says:

    Sheila, you go girl. I am so proud of you!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Peggy!
      I love you! Thank You for always being an encouragement to my heart and soul! I think we need a small group women’s weekend 🙂

  28. Ally says:

    I think we all slip backward. It is what we do then that matters. Your honesty and determination is awesome!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Ally!
      Thank You for your encouragement! I think we all slip too, but I need the accountability because it keeps me honest and moving forward! No shame, just a point to move forward from!

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