God is Always in the Details

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  1. celeste says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you title. God is everywhere. 🙂 God is LOVE. <3

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi. Celeste! Yes, God is LOVE and in every second of our lives when we embrace His love. Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Cathy Metzger says:

    I love this Sheila! I’m so happy for you.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Cathy!
      Thank You Cathy! I’m heading to Sanibel next week and looking forward to seeing more God moments and doing more writing! Blessings to you dear friend and much love!

  3. Andrea says:

    God is in the midst of even the smallest of details in our lives!

  4. How amazing! There’s no way that was a coincidence. God directed your steps and have you your desires which is so encouraging for the rest of us. Thank you for sharing such an incredible opportunity.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      I agree ….ONLY God can do something so amazing! I call it a Godincidence! I’m still unpacking everything I learned and looking forward to sharing more in the coming weeks! Thank You for reading about my experience!

  5. Terri says:

    Beth is an amazing person.

  6. Susan Evans says:

    How wonderful that you were able to meet Beth Moore in person!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Susan! It was such a blessing for all of us and to be able to sit with her for over and an hour was amazing! It was like meeting my heroine of faith!

  7. Wow! What an amazing story! Love when God is in the smallest details of our lives.

  8. Wow! What an adventure. I don’t know why I am always surprised when God does amazing things. I am glad you had fun.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Sheila! It was an adventure we will not forget. The goodness of God can overwhelm you! God does do amazing things which I don’t know why I am shocked either 🙂 Blessings to you!

  9. Toni Ryan says:

    The one thing I know for sure is Beth was just as blessed as you and Ali were. I have no doubt the enemy of this world was very unhappy when you all got together. Powerhouse God girls praising His Holy Name together! Wow! Yay God!

    I am so, so, so happy for you! I know you were probably overflowing with healthy Mama pride when you were able to tell Beth in person that your beautiful daughter had memorized the book of James. So cool!!!
    Ali, you rock!!!! Happy 30th! 🙂

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Toni!
      It was a wonderful opportunity to see God in all of this! I am one proud momma of my girl! I am blessed beyond words with this child of mine. She truly is a gift from God. I know you feel the same about your son and new daughter-in-law too! Thanks for always encouraging!

  10. Kristi says:

    How wonderful!! Yes, even just this week God answered “Yes, daughter” to something I wished could happen but never thought was a possibility! He is such a good Father and provides for us in ways that never cease to amaze.

  11. Sheila, how very cool! God is the master composer and He knows how to orchestrate our lives in ways we could never imagine. I love Beth Moore’s teaching and how neat that God chose to allow you both to meet her. Thanks for sharing this. – Amy

  12. Peggy Underwood says:

    Sheila, Amen! Thanks for the encouragement! You rock!
    Love you, Peggy

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Peggy!
      I think YOU rock! I pray all is going well for the both of you and your family. We miss you! Thanks for your encouragement! Love you, Sheila

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