10 Ways Not to Be a Couch Potato

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  1. Toni Ryan says:

    These are all excellent ideas! I especially appreciate #3. If everyone would volunteer somewhere, the world would be a much better place! Jesus came to serve, therefore, we should too!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Toni!
      I agree! Volunteering is rewarding! It is a blessing to those you serve, but it is always more of a blessing to the individual who IS serving! There are so many places to serve that no one should ever get bored! Thanks for your encouragement! Love you, friend!

  2. Andrea says:

    Or instead of a “Chopped” party, a “Pioneer Woman” cooking party? 🙂

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Andrea!
      I love “Pioneer Woman” and that is a great idea! Everybody could bring their favorite cowboy dish!

  3. These are great tips! Sometimes at the end of the day I don’t want to do much. But doing a DIY or doing a game could be fun and not take a lot of brain power!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Cassie! When you are expecting the energy level by the end of the day is ZILCH! Like you said, a game would be fun and relaxing! How much longer until baby #2? I will add you to my prayer journal for a healthy delivery and baby!

  4. Nelly says:

    I especially love the DIY as I find it difficult to follow a class
    Couldn’t have said it any better

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Nelly! Whatever works for you! The important thing is to do something you enjoy and feel good about! Have a great weekend!

  5. candy says:

    Always time to take 15 minutes to declutter a drawer or walk around the house and pick items up and put them away.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Candy!
      You are right! I’m hoping to declutter my pantry today! It is funny how that seems to be the one place that always needs to be decluttered.

  6. Leighann says:

    I love the chopped night idea! All the tips were great, but that one involves food, haha! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Leighann! You have to know wherever there is food involved it will make everybody happy! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  7. Sheila, I have been doing a series on chasing away the winter blues on my fashion page on the blog. These are great ideas and definitely beneficial for those of us who suffer with Season Affective Disorder. And you are right these ideas would work with a group of people or just by ourselves. Thanks for the suggestions! Have a great weekend. – Amy

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Amy!
      I will have to check out your fashion page! I understand that Season Affective Disorder all too well! I hope you have the opportunity to check some of them out. Thanks for stopping by and blessings to you and your family!

  8. Melissa says:

    So many great ideas, I especially love the idea of a game night!!! We used to do them all the time but life just seems to have gotten busy, I can’t wait to organize and have all my girls over for a fun night in!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Melissa!
      I did a girls night recently and we had a blast. It was a great way to reconnect and catch up with each other. Have fun and I always love the laughter!

  9. Alex says:

    We love Chopped!!
    Also, I find that if do yoga, cook a good meal, and eat with my husband, I feel so much better in the evenings than if I just veg out on the couch.
    Thanks for these ideas!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Alex! I love to do yoga too! I did my first hot yoga a few months ago. It was incredible! These are great ideas too! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Cassandra says:

    I think #1 beats them all. That was pretty funny. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂 I got a good laugh out of that one. -Cass from sugarsaltspice.com

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Cassandra! We had a good laugh too! It was pretty funny! I wish I would have invented that game. We think a dentist invented it 🙂

  11. Ida Pahus says:

    Great suggestions! Love doing something more than just sit with my computer all day 😉 Often I love exercising as well to get myself moving.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Ida! Yes, when you are a blogger it is hard not to get away from our computer, but not very healthy! Exercise is key to our complete well-being and clears our head so we can think clearly! Thanks for your encouragement!

  12. Grace says:

    I love the chopped Idea! That sounds like so much fun!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Grace! We are getting some couples together to do this for Valentine’s Day! I think it will be fun to see what they come up with!

  13. Rae says:

    Those are great tips… whenever I wanna just lay in bed and do nothing, I’ll have to do something listed on this post. Thanks !!!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi Rae! Thanks and I hope they help motivate you to have a reason to get out of bed. It is tough when it is cold outside to climb out of that nice warm bed. 🙂

  14. Amber Myers says:

    I’ve been working on decluttering so I’ve been moving around often. I also like to shop, so that helps me off the couch 😉

  15. jessi says:

    Chopped night sounds like so much fun! My husband and I both love that show. I am going to bring this up to him and see when he wants to do it lol

  16. Belle says:

    Love these! I used to be a couch potato but not anymore since having kids. Lol

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  17. Sarah says:

    I definitely believe that organization is one of the key components to being more productive!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi Sarah!
      I agree! I find if I don’t have a plan I waste so much time! Even in picking out my clothes in the morning! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I already do a few of these, but I love the idea of Chopped night. That would be so fun for me since I love to cook.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi Saidah! I love to cook too! My husband is pretty much a gourmet cook so he really makes me step up to the plate 🙂 Let me know if you do it!

  19. Sophia says:

    These are good ideas. I can become a couch potato sometimes when it is cold and I do not want to go outside.

  20. Rose says:

    I enjoyed reading your tips to get me off the couch. I’m pretty good with getting off the couch unless I’m reading

  21. blair villanueva says:

    These are awesome tips that everyone must follow. Volunteering is fun and a nice way to use extra time 🙂

  22. Joy says:

    I’m a couch potato! 😛 I enjoyed reading your tips and my favorites are: declutter and do those DIY projects! Cheers to more productive activities! 🙂

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Joy!
      I love to DIY and I often am teased I don’t keep things more than 30 days, but that isn’t true about all things, just the stuff that we don’t need! I kid my husband and tell him I haven’t got rid of you have I? LOL Thanks for sharing!

  23. Heather Hart says:

    Oh my goodness, I loved that video! Great tips.

  24. Roxy says:

    These are great tips, but I have to admit there is nothing I want more than to be a couch potato when the weather is cold and gross. I love your tip about volunteering!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi, Roxy! I get it! The cold weather makes me want to curl up too, but I do love to stay active so when spring comes I am ready to roll!

  25. Christelle says:

    YES!!! I love your creative ideas 🙂 Volunteering is a great idea. Especially with older kids too.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi Christelle!
      Yes! Volunteering is something even the younger ones can do! What a great way to set an example and help others!

  26. Winter can seem so long. It’s funny, but sometimes you need someone to remind you to do the things you know. LOL! Thanks for the sparkle : )

  27. Divya says:

    Definitely harder during the winter months, I’m realizing. Having lived in CA my whole life, I got to enjoy wonderful weather year-round. Now that I’m in TN, I’m much more of a couch potato than I used to be!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi Divya!
      Wow! How do you like TN? It is quite the transition from warmth to seeing some snow! Enjoy it and your great surroundings! I love TN!

  28. Jazz says:

    These are great because I definitely fall victim to being a couch potato!

  29. Ashlee says:

    I definitely need to take some of your advice.. Lol lately I’ve been feeling a little lazy! I recently rearranged my decor in my home and felt significantly better! xx

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi Ashlee~
      I’m with you all I need to do is rearrange and I feel better. It also is a great time to look for some inexpensive winter decor for next year. What colors do you like to decorate with?

  30. Ance says:

    These are all great ideas, it’s so funny 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  31. Krista Dial says:

    I love this list! My parents and I were just talking about how OVER winter we are…we’re pretty active folks and like to be outdoors, but not in the cold months. I’ve been thinking about doing a game night and have never heard of the game you mentioned…totally checking it out. Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi Krista! Let me know which ones you like! We had a blast playing “Speak Out”. I’m over winter too! Hopefully, spring will be here early!

  32. Natasha says:

    Such a great list. There are several things that I need to do on this list like decluttering (my closet). And I’d love to try the “Chopped” Night, I’m a Food Network fan as well!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      HI Natasha! Thank You! It always amazes me what they do on “Chopped”. It is things I would never think of for sure! Thanks for your sharing!

  33. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg so many great ideas!!! I’m always looking up events that I can attend locally!!!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi CourtneyLynne! I’m glad you enjoyed the ideas! I love seeing what is going on locally! It helps support the local economy too! Blessings to you!

  34. Amrita says:

    Great tips for not being a lazy bones.Decluttering may need serious motivation though.

  35. maria says:

    These are all great tips! During the winter months I try to keep busy (but not too busy) by volunteering, still meeting up with friends and spending quality time with my family.

  36. These are wonderful tips. Hosting game night is one of my favorites. It’s super easy to be a couch potato.

  37. Amber Myers says:

    I love your ideas. I always try to keep moving. I have my down time, of course, but then I make sure I hit my 10,000 steps a day.

  38. blair villanueva says:

    I love your ideas and also works on me 🙂
    And I remember wjat my Mom always says.. be active if you don’t want to be heavier…. yeah, its also an effective motivation to be not a couch potato. 🙂

  39. Sheri says:

    Loving all of these ideas. With a toddler it is hard to be a couch potato,but sometimes on the weekends when he is napping I find myself just wanting to hang around on the couch and work on my laptop to write. I love game nights with friends and I love the idea of change of senescence by moving things around. Will do that when we Spring clean! Again a wonderful and helpful post. 🙂

  40. I love yoga! I wanted to try yoga but there were no studios in my area so I broguht the studio to my living room! I have never felt better! http://tinyurl.com/yd9sjx5l

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